SunPoint will acquire non-core or legacy liabilities via a Legal Entity Acquisition or a Loss Portfolio Transfer (LPT).

Acquisition Profile

  • Worldwide presence looking to acquire companies or portfolios in North America, Europe, and the Far East
  • Targeting companies or portfolios with $50M to $1B in reserves
  • Acquire long-tail liabilities, including Asbestos and Environmental, Worker's Compensation, Construction Defect and Professional Liability

Acquisition Structure

  • Loss Portfolio Transfer: Assume liabilities under a secured reinsurance transaction with SunPoint Reinsurance Company Bermuda (SunPoint Reinsurance Limited)
  • Entity and Captive Acquisition: Acquire Entity or Captive in their entirety or assume liabilities under a LPT structure
  • Provide collateral to the cedent, so it can take credit for the reinsurance protection


A Fosun Company.

SunPoint provides financial and operational solutions that allow our partners to address critical business threats.


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